Our Proprietary Vmax(TM) method.

We are ever looking for ways to optimize your training with real world experiences to ensure you exceed minimum standards of training required for your Private Pilots License.  To allow for those experiences, while keeping our prices competitive, we have developed our own proprietary training method and management system, Vmax(TM).

Vmax(TM) was developed by Lt. Col George Cyaniuk (USAF) with the assistance of our team of experienced instructors.  Lt. Col. Cyaniuk instructed the instructors who taught flight to our Air Force pilots.  Col. Cyanuik was involved in the Iraqi Airforce pilot training program and the drone Pilot training program used by all US military branches today.  Lt. Col. Cyaniuk has a Masters in Education and a Masters in Business dministration.

The Vmax(TM) method is an experiential based style of instruction.  It includes military best practices modified for civilian general aviation flying.  The standards, procedures, techniques are taught with great emphasis on scenarios and risk management.

You will receive precise feedback, based on the US Air Force’s own training platform, each time you train whether its in our airplanes or in our ground school.  Time is money and we want to balance that concept with ensuring that you receive the most complete training available in the time you spend with us.

Personalized Flight Training.

 We cater to your lifestyle, time commitment, and your flying goals. Whether your goals are to complete your private license in three-weeks or over the course of two-years, we can help you make it happen. If your goal is big, small, quick, or long-term, we individualize your flight training for your success, and a lifetime of enjoyment.

Expert Flight Instructors Having 2,000 to 23,000 hrs.

All of our instructors are highly experienced not only with hours in the cockpit, but as certified instructors helping others achieve their dreams of becoming a pilot. Our instructors and aviation family share with you that passion and need to fly. We understand that nothing beats the freedom of skies and the beautiful view from the cockpit.

Safety Comes First-AND ALWAYS!

Safety is paramount to our flight program. We maintain high standards for all of our aircraft with an on site mechanic, ensuring that our planes are maintained above and beyond FAA standards and requirements. You can trust that our aircraft are safe, comfortable to fly, and in top-notch condition.

Through our Vmax method of training, we employ some civilian style military best practices to ensure you are prepared for the unexpected and to be able to recognize the signs early!

Cost vs Value.

The value we offer you will ALWAYS exceed the money you have spent.  We are committed to every minute of your time spent with us creating great value to you and your flight training goals.  Each of our flight programs is catered to your flight goals, timeline, and lifestyle.  Every step of our Vmax training method is thoroughly planned out for maximum benefit to you.

We Are Family!

Our aviation family loves flying and sharing that passion with others. We hope that throughout your training you feel at home and take the opportunity to get to know all of us in the pilot lounge. We look forward to celebrating with you when you get your wings as well as helping you continue to fly. As a student and family member, you share an unforgettable flying experience with your family and friends. We will always be here as a resource for you as you continue to fly.

Our extended family. Service to the Aviation Community and South Florida.

A crucial component to our mission is to be community based, both as a family within our office, but also in the aviation community and South Florida. Yearly, we honor our veteran’s and their families by providing complimentary flights on Veteran’s and Memorial Day. Also, we participate and support various social organizations in Broward County ranging from the Boys and Girls Club, including the Ionosphere Club dedicated to aviation, the Urban League, the Air Force Association, the US Coast Guard Foundation, the Tuskegee Airman Experience, Vital Flight, and various local charities.

Become a part of the family today and make your pilot dreams come true this year! We welcome you to learn more about our team and programs.