PTS – Practical Test Standard

Students are required to take written, oral, and practical (flying) exams for Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot, and Commercial Pilot ratings. In addition, there are oral and written exams for Multi-Engine and Seaplane ratings.

Written exams are 60 questions prepard by the FAA and taken at an FAA approved testing site. A passing score is 70% or higher. It is important to score as high as possible because the FAA Designated Pilot Examiner that conducts your Oral and Practical Exams will review your results pior to those examinations. The Oral and the Practical exams are ususally given on the same day, weather and time permitting.

  • The Written exam will cost up to $200
  • The Oral and Practical together will cost up to $500


PTS – Practical Test Standard

The Private Pilot Practical Test Standard (PTS) can be seen in detail by clicking here

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