Jeff P.

I had the pleasure to train for my IFR certificate with the Learn to Fly Center School. Their training airplanes are very well maintained, clean and equipped with helpful avionics. I continue to regularly rent airplanes from Learn to Fly and can fully recommend the school for training and rental


Rainer Lahsofer

At Paul Kramer’s Learn to Fly Center, all the instructors are skilled, high time experienced professionals. The airplanes are in top condition and the maintenance was excellent. Knowing that the instructors and equipment are the best, it has allowed me to put all other concerns to the side and focus on my lesson. As long as I continue to pursue ratings, I will always use Paul Kramer’s Learn to Fly Center to achieve them.


Charles Berichi, MPA

The team at PKLTFC is phenomenal. I have flown with 3 other instructors (and in other states) during my PPL training. PKLTFC is the best, hands down. This is the only school that doesn’t rush you (on the ground or in flight). They place a strong emphasis in making each student a success.””

Facebook Review

Very personalized flight training…not like the big corporate flight schools.

Google Review

Quality flight training by a professional and courteous staff!

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