Private Pilot License

So you have committed to becoming a Private Pilot…Great!

A few things you might want to know about the process.

The minimum flight time requirement by the FAA to obtain your private pilot license is 40 hours. The average national is 71 hours.
Most of our students obtain their license at around 52 hours and some in the low 40’s.

We have headsets you can use although many students buy their own.
Remember that you will need a third class medical exam before your first solo.

The examiners cost for the oral exam as well as your check-ride is around $500 in addition to the airplane rental.

To minimize your training cost, you can use our state of the art flight simulator in which we can simulate various aircraft models.

Instrument Rating

The Instrument Rating is the most important rating after getting the Private Pilot License.
With the Instrument Rating, you can fly, when previously cloudy days made you cancel your trip.
Our seasoned Instrument Instructors (CFII) will get you the skills and confidence needed to fly on almost any day.
With decades of instrument training and instrument instruction, our Flight Instructors are specialized in Instrument Training and are among the best in the country.

Our flight simulator allows you to do much of your learning in an economical manner. The simulator permits you to review materials over and over again without the fuel expense you would have in an aircraft.

Comercial Licence

The commercial licence simply means that you can fly for hire, meaning you can charge money for your services.

Commercial Licence: Aircraft Single Engine

The requirements for the commercial pilot licence are as follows:

You must log at least 250 hours of flight time as a pilot.

When you are ready to start your commercial pilot license licence, we will be your co-pilot throughout this journey.

Complex Aircraft

Definition Complex Aircraft

A complex aircraft is: an Aircraft with flaps, retractable landing gear and constant speed propeller.

The Complex Aircraft is fairly easy to obtain and gives the pilot the ability to fly a wider range of Aircraft.

One of our CFI’s (commercial flight instructors) will gladly help you work towards your complex aircraft endorsement.

In order to qualify for a complex aircraft endorsement, you must have at least a private pilot certificate.
There are no time requirements to fulfill and all you need to do is show the CFI that you have the competence to fly and operate a complex aircraft.

Time Building

You finally got your pilots license.

But you want to continue flying either for fun or to deepen your flying skills and get more comfortable with the plane.
We offer a rental program renting our airplanes by the hour or by 10 hour block at a discounted rate.