At Paul Kramer’s Learn to Fly Centers, we share your passion for flight. Each member of our family feels that need to fly, the freedom of skies and the desire for the ever-changing view from the cockpit.


Knowing first-hand the drive it takes to become a pilot, our family from instructors and maintenance to the office team instill in you the fundamentals of flight and safety in a flexible flight program designed just for you. We cater to your lifestyle, time commitment, and learning style to make your ultimate flight dreams come true and live your passion. Whether your goals are to complete your private license in three-weeks or over the course of two-years, we can help you make it happen. If your goal is big, small, quick, or long-term, we individualize your flight training from day one.

Our aviation family believes that becoming a pilot is not black and white, but a combination of technical skill blended with emotion. As a man that complemented science with art centuries before us, Leonardo da Vinci said, “For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.”

We share your passion for flight. We will assist you in getting the best technical flight training and allow your passion to come to fruition. Let us make your dreams of becoming a pilot come true!

We welcome you to learn more about our community based Learn to Fly Centers by exploring our history and founder, Paul Kramer, and getting to know our team.

Our Mission

Our passion is flying but our mission is training pilots to be the safest and most proficient pilots possible. Using personalized one-on-one training and our Vmax(TM) method, we concentrate our training on the FAA requirements to become certificated (obtain a license) AND we also apply scenario based training to ensure that Learn To Fly Center pilots are capable of handling everything from routine flying to complex emergencies with confidence.

Our History

We opened our doors in March of 2009 during the worst economy in decades AND NOT ONLY survived but thrived! Paul Kramer, Owner and Chief Pilot/Instructor, with more than 50 years of flying experience and over 40 years as a flight instructor applied a lifetime of business and aviation experience to successfully navigate the turbulent economy to create a stable, thriving, exciting school.

We have seen many students successfully see their dreams of flying come true. Most of those students returned to obtain higher ratings and endorsements and some have gone on to professional flying careers.

Regardless of whether our students desire to obtain a Private Pilot Certificate or professional flying careers, we have become a gathering place for pilots to meet and share their experiences and passion for flying. We have created a “Pilot’s Lounge” for pilots to have a home away from home for all things aviation.

Our pilots return again and again to associate with other pilots, maintain currency and proficiency, rent our airplanes, obtain higher ratings and endorsements, and complete flight reviews and proficiency checks.

In fact, many of our students have purchased airplanes and have come to us for advice on what and when to buy and to get training in their airplanes to not only meet insurance requirements but to become proficient and, above all safe, when operating their new aircraft.