Steve Joerger loves the adventure of flying. He combines his nearly fifteen years of first-hand knowledge in single, multi-engine, and rotorcraft into each lesson whether in the air or on the ground. Originally from Orlando, Steve received his flight training in Sanford, Florida for both planes and helicopters. Wanting to share his craft and passion with others, Steve became an instructor (CFII).

Having a hybrid career in both aviation and accounting, Steve admits that flying is where he feels at home. When away from crunching numbers, you will find Steve always in the air: giving instruction, flying scenic tours, or volunteering for charitable organizations such as Vital Flight, Angel Flight, and Challenge Air.

Get to know Steve through a Q&A


What’s your favorite airplane to fly? Which is on your wish list to fly?

My favorite plane is the Pitts, fast and can do anything in the air. Someday I would like to fly the P-51. As for choppers, I would love to fly the Hugh’s 500, which was the chopper in Magnum PI.

What’s the best part of flying? What’s the best part of being an instructor?

By far, it is the adventure. By flying, I’ve seen so many new places, things, and have eaten different foods. Plus, I can do all of that without fighting traffic. I feel at home in the air. I get to escape from deadlines, appoints, and to-do lists.

My favorite thing is seeing a student solo for the first time. The transition from talking about requirement and costs are all a blur when the student jumps into the aircraft and the student taxis away, doing two touch and goes and a full stop landing.

If you could do anything/be anybody at all in aviation by snapping your fingers, what would you be?

I would love to be a mission specialist on one of the space missions. Landing a spacecraft with no engine from miles above is pretty cool in my book!


What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy helping others in the community out through volunteering. Periodically, I fly as a part of Vital Flight, Angel Flight, and Challenge Air, which transports patients to medical appointments around the State, decreasing their long commute times after exhausting medical procedures. Flying for organizations like these is so fulfilling. They allow me to fly for a cause and help out a total stranger. For my own personal R&R, I’ve been known to fly to grab a bite to eat in Everglades City or even over in Apalachicola. Plus, I’m a big gardener. I grow pineapples, papaya, and flowers.