Flying has been a passion of Luca’s since he was able to assemble model airplanes. Even before getting his driver’s license, Luca obtained his private pilot’s license when only seventeen. Originally from Italy, Luca studied at MIT and at Harvard Business School where he earned various degrees, including an MBA and a Master’s in chemical engineering. Although he spent most of his career in the pharmaceutical industry, he always kept flying as a hobby. Luca has lived around the globe, in South America, various countries in Europe, and South Florida, which he has called his home since the early 80s. He has been instructing flight for nearly thirty years.

Get to know Luca through a Q&A

When did you get your first taste of flying?

I first flew in a Constellation propeller airplane when I was sixteen. Although I wasn’t behind the controls, I always knew I wanted to fly. The following year, I got my private pilot’s license.

What is your most memorable experience as a flight instructor?

I have to say my involvement with the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and its National Flight Academy. Although my experience spans over the years, I have traveled to Oskosh, Wi and Maine to train its cadets that are all under the age of eighteen. It is intense training with the goal of getting the students to solo very quickly, even as fast and as little as ten hours. Each time I do this I flashback to my early years in a Cessna 172 and doing my first solo.

What brought you to PKTLFC?

Interestingly enough, I had a friend that wanted to learn how to fly. I had my own aircraft at Pompano Airport, but it wasn’t the best plane for learning. I walked into PKLTFC to rent a Cessna 172. So indirectly, I stumbled upon a fun flight instructor position by helping out a friend.

What do you in your spare time?

I still fly. I own my own airplane; so, you will find me in the skies of South Florida. Also, I share my expertise by writing articles for the IFR Refresher Magazine. You can find a few of my articles on our website.