Kevin’s passion for flight started in a very serendipitous way. After his service in the U.S. Marine Corp, Kevin specialized in construction as a general contractor. It was while leading the construction of a large, private residence in Northern Florida that a client offered his private jet to ease the commute from Fort Lauderdale to Ocala. It was on these commuter flights that Kevin got the bug for flying.

With the opportunity to use his G.I. Bill for flight training, Kevin got his private and commercial licenses in 1972. Since, he has logged over three thousand hours as a domestic and international charter pilot out of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. Over this career, Kevin was introduced to Paul Kramer. Almost immediately, they became friends and began working together to inspire and instruct new aviators.

Kevin is proud to say that he has been married for forty-five years. They have three beautiful, grown children: the eldest working in the family hardware business, the middle married to an airline pilot, and the youngest a retired Captain of the U.S. Marine Corp and author.


Get to know Kevin through a Q&A

What is your favorite aircraft?
I own a Piper Twin Comanche. It is by far my favorite aircraft. However, as a general rule of thumb, the bigger, higher, and faster it is, the more I like any plane.

What do you enjoy most about being an instructor for new aviators?
Teaching keeps me sharp and in the game. As I still pilot charters, I enjoy teaching other aspiring aviators. I continue to hone my craft and learn more from teaching them than I ever did as a student.

Have you won any awards in your career?
By accident, yes, I have won an award. As I said, I love my Piper Twin Comanche. In fact, three years ago, I flew it across country to the International Comanche Convention in Seattle with one of my flight students. When we landed, the director of the convention approached my plane and asked if I wanted to enter a contest. I hadn’t intended on it. However, I threw my plane and name into the ring and I won, “The Best All-Around Twin Engine Comanche.”

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