Inspired from his childhood flying all over the world, Fred came to Paul Kramer’s Learn to Fly Center as a student. After over thirty years in corporate banking, it was time to make his dream a reality. During which, Paul Kramer, his flight instructor and founder of the school, was looking for a leader to take PKLTFC to the next level and blend its legacy of excellence in the sky with giving back to the community. Fred was the ideal match with his passion for flight, business development success, and an involved community member.

Fred is a graduate of Florida State University and former U.S. Coast Guard. Outside of PKLTC, Fred continues to support the U.S. Military and his community through his involvement as a trustee for the U.S. Coast Guard Foundation and as a board member for the Boys and Girls Club, Urban League, and the Broward Sheriff’s Advisory Council.

Fred is happily married and father of three children, Margo and Ian, both graduates of Florida State University, and Austin, who is currently studying at Columbia University after two combat tours with the U.S. Marine Corps in Afghanistan.


Get to know Fred through a Q&A 

What ignited your dream to fly?
As a kid, my family traveled all over the world. Our family was stationed in India, Libya, and elsewhere with my dad’s career in the oil industry. We would live in each country a couple of years and then have a few months off to visit our extended families in Texas and Australia. When we would leave an airfield of wherever we had been, I would see the PanAm logo on the tail and the beautiful flight attendants with the pillbox hats. That’s when I knew I was home. Through these flights, I had the opportunity to sit in the cockpit with the pilots and even walk around the aircraft with the crew at refueling stops. These memories are what sparked my passion to fly. 

Why did you become the co-owner of PKLTC?
I had put my dream of flying on hold for twenty-nine years with my family and career taking priority. I wanted a school that would make my dream a reality. I came to Paul Kramer to learn how to fly after thorough investigating of all the options out there from big flight schools to the tiny ones. I chose Paul Kramer’s because of the team’s extreme focus on safety, maintenance, and the fundamentals of flying. Both Paul Kramer and his team of instructors made all the difference. In a family-like atmosphere, they taught the basics with additional war stories, bringing real-life examples to further mastery of flying fundamentals. When Paul Kramer mentioned, he wanted to step down. I knew I could put my professional expertise behind PKTLC to carry on that legacy and inspire other aviators to take flight.

Every aviator has a favorite aircraft. Which is yours?
By far, my favorite is the WWII P40, which my dad flew during the war.