At Paul Kramer’s Learn To Fly Center we offer Discovery Flights. This is your opportunity to sit in the Pilot’s Seat and actually fly the plane while one of our seasoned instructors sits in the right seat.

Imagine the excitement as you taxi the airplane to the end of the runway, receive clearance to take off and then add power and race down the runway picking up speed until the plane leaves the ground and you are flying the airplane!
You will do the taxi, takeoff, and flying yourself with the assistance of your instructor. You will fly over the beautiful South Florida beaches, out over the Everglades, and then back to the airport where the instructor will land the plane.

Just like that, your status will change to “Student Pilot” and your life will never be the same!

The cost for this adventure is minimal.

  • Headsets for you and a friend are included (you may bring as many as two friends for free).
  • You will receive a certificate signed by your instructor certifying your lesson time that will count toward your total time to become a pilot.

We begin the Discovery Flight on the ground going over the basics with you after which you and your friend will step into one of our airplanes.