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Team @ Paul Kramer’s Learn To Fly Center made a shortcut in order to help our students to register online. Follow instructions below. You are always welcome to call us for further guidance. Yours PKLTFC How can I use my gateway pages? Gateway Pages: Enabled? Name: Link to this page: YES Preview Edit Login Page […]

By christina | Helping Students
Our passion is flying but our mission is training pilots to be the safest and most proficient pilots possible. Using personalized one-on-one training, we concentrate our training on the FAA requirements to become certificated (obtain a license) AND we also apply scenario based training to ensure that Learn To Fly Center pilots are capable of handling everything from routine flying to complex emergencies with confidence.


Telephone: 954-946-4400
Fax: 888-856-4640
Address: 1111 NE 10th Street 11 W-O
Pompano Beach, FL 33060