We cater to your lifestyle, time commitment, and your flying goals. Whether your goals are to complete your private license in three-weeks or over the course of two-years, we can help you make it happen. We individualize your flight training for your success.


Our passion is flying but our mission is training pilots to be the safest and most proficient pilots possible. Using personalized one-on-one training, we concentrate our training on the FAA requirements to become certificated (obtain a license) …


Imagine the excitement as you taxi the airplane to the end of the runway, receive clearance to take off and then add power and race down the runway picking up speed until the plane leaves the ground and you are flying the airplane!

Why Choose Paul Kramer

We Design a Flexible Flight Program Just for You

We cater to your lifestyle, time commitment, and your flying goals. Whether your goals are to complete your private license in three-weeks or over the course of two-years, we can help you make it happen. If your goal is big, small, quick, or long-term, we individualize your flight training for your success.

Learn Hands-on from Expert Flight Instructors Having 2,000 to 22,000 hrs

All of our instructors are highly experienced not only with hours in the cockpit, but as certified instructors helping others achieve their dreams of becoming a pilot. Our instructors and aviation family share with you that passion and need to fly. We understand that nothing beats the freedom of skies and the beautiful view from the cockpit.

Safety Comes First

Safety is paramount to our flight program. We maintain high standards for all of our aircraft with an on site mechanic, ensuring that our planes are maintained above and beyond FAA standards and requirements. You can trust that our aircraft are safe, comfortable to fly, and in top-notch condition.

World-class Quality Instruction and Facility at an Honest Price

Each of our flight programs is catered to your flight goals, timeline, and lifestyle. From day one, you will know what the cost of your personalized training is and get it in writing. You will not be surprised by additional fees later on. We offer world-class training for private, instrument, commercial, complex and mutli-engine licenses with individualized programs at an honest price.

Once You Fly with Us, You Are Family

Our aviation family loves flying and sharing that passion with others. We hope that throughout your training you feel at home and take the opportunity to get to know all of us in the pilot lounge or around the hangers. We look forward to celebrating with you when you get your wings as well as helping you continue to fly. As a student and family member, you receive discounted rates on aircraft rentals to build time for higher ratings or simply to share an unforgettable flying experience with your family and friends. We will always be here as a resource for you as you continue to fly.

Service to the Aviation Community and South Florida

A crucial component to our mission is to be community based, both as a family within our hangers and office, but also in the aviation community and South Florida. Yearly, we honor our veteran’s by providing complimentary flights on Veteran’s Day. Also, we participate and support various social organizations in Broward County ranging from the Boys and Girls Club to the Urban League and on a national level to the US Coast Guard Foundation.

Become a part of the family today and make your pilot dreams come true this year! We welcome you to learn more about our team and programs.

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The Written Cram Course For An Instrument Rating @ Paul Kramer’s – Feb. 10th and 11th

The written exam for instrument rating keeps alot of pilots from obtaining This VERY IMPORTANT rating! Let Paul Kramers help you move forward! If you’ve been thinking about it some day is today! Join us for Instrument Rating written test prep Weekend cram course by Aviation Seminars Saturday and Sunday February 10th and 11th 8 […]

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Get to Know the Paul Kramer Learn to Fly Center Team

Our aviation family ensures that all of our students benefit from the one-of-a-kind, hands on instruction in our world-class training airport. All of our instructors are highly experienced with flight hours ranging from 2,000 hrs to 22,000 hrs. We all share your passion for flight. Get to know us and our flight stories.

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